The Riders Gang is growing rapidly - and with it the need for moderators and community managers. If you're interested in becoming part of our team and contribute an important part to the growth of our project, we're looking forward to read your application below!


We are excited to see your interest in joining our team. Please make sure you have understood the following:

  1. We do not work on a fixed-salary basis. Everyone in our project - including managers, devs and moderators - contribute to this project voluntarily. We will share a part of the earnings with everyone who has contributed to the project's success according to the percentages indicated in our roadmap and the tokenomics section in our Whitepaper.
    If you have any questions regarding payment, please contact us at here.

  2. If you will be provided access to any functionalities, features, rights and/or privileges within the Avalanche Riders' project, for example but not only our Twitter, E-Mail and/or Discord account keys and/or passwords, Discord roles with privileged rights (e.g. "Ski Patrol"), API keys connected to our Twitter and/or Discord accounts, we may at any time and without reason revoke your access again.

  3. Neither this application nor your contribution to the Avalanche Riders project qualify in any way as a legal agreement. We especially emphasize that our work on this project happens voluntarily within our community. As stated in our Terms of Service, the Avalanche Riders project is a private project organized by private individuals and in no ways afilliated with any company or legal entity.

Which of our channels would you like to moderate and/or contribute to?

Thanks a lot! We will review your application and answer you as soon as possible.